New Service Enquiries

We are very well resourced to be able to assist with new service start ups. Our principal - Noel Thompson - has direct experience and knowledge in 5 new service commencements, all of which went on to majority trade lane market share.

This can be from a small local enquiry to a full service and trade analysis including market and financial forecast.



Recent / Current Projects

1. Short Sea New Build
This invloved us in providing a market analysis, full voyage calculations, vessel specifications, and start up forecasts. This has since grown to include finalisation of a new vessel build program from engagement of naval architects to new build shipyard negotiations.

2. Coastal Hubbing / Feeder Service
We have finalised the scoping of a service structure for deep sea carriers on the New Zealand coast and this is now under consideration and review by the Lines involved

3. New Service Investor Opportunity
This project was to plan in detail, a new service start up from scratch, with the requirement of providing a detailed Information Memorandum for prospective investor/s. This also entailed a full market study and analysis, ideal vessel specification, identification of vessels that met the criteria and costs of same, full voyage calculations, long temr financial forecasts.

4. Joint Venture Trade Opportunities
This has involved the Group in assessing alternative ways for consumers of ongoing charter services to resource their shipments with a view to minimising shipment costs, and maximising flexibility of structure. This also has allowed equity build for the client.